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This video is a free intermediate Excel tutorial that will teach you how to make really long and time consuming lists in Excel in just seconds using the Fill and Series functions!

Creating lists is part of everyday life in Excel. Whether you’re preparing a report for your boss, planning a wedding, analyzing the results of your Fantasy Sports League, or trying to nail that internship, you’ll probably need to make some lists in Excel. The trick is making your lists quickly and efficiently. You don’t want to manually punch in every number in the list ( that is far too time consuming and there is too much room for human error), and unlike my beginner tutorial on creating a numbered list in excel where dragging was the fastest way to make your list, dragging your list down is not the quickest way to make an Excel list if you’ve got to make an extremely long list.

This video shows you how to make a list of 5 numbers and a list 500,000 number in the same amount of time. [click to continue…]


This video is a beginner Excel tutorial that will teach you a quick and easy way to make a numbered list in Excel.

Why a numbered list? Creating lists is part of everyday life in Excel. Quite often, your lists are numbered lists. Rows and rows of numbers that follow a pattern (for example, a list of numbers in ascending order starting with 1 and ending with 100). You don’t want to waste your time and brain energy manually punching in every number. This video teaches you a simple quick and easy way to make your numbered list in Excel [click to continue…]