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Excel IF Function with Text and Greater Than Examples

This video is a free intermediate Excel tutorial that teaches you the fundamentals behind the IF Function in Excel and it builds upon the tutorial in the previous post.

In this video, we go through three examples on how to use the IF Function in Excel. These three examples are also designed to show you the logic behind the IF Function. The three examples are meant to demonstrate typical scenarios that people come across and how Excel can be used to quickly analyze information and make decisions. The examples in this video look at loans and credit scores, banks and interest rates, and GPA’s and AP classes.

This video will also give you a better view into Excel’s logic and how to apply that to your individual needs in Excel.

As mentioned in the previous post, the IF Function is one of the most fundamental and foundational functions in Excel. Learning the IF Function early on in your Excel education will develop your Excel skills. It will also save you lots of time in your day-to-day. You can apply this function to virtually any scenario and save yourself time and energy. Watch my video, below, and practice along to improve your Excel IF Function skills.

And there you go! A great lesson you can take-away from the Excel IF Function examples in this tutorial is that the IF Function is dynamic. As the inputs change, so can the outputs. Let me repeat that, because it will be a big aha moment for you when you realize that you can create dynamic formulas in Excel with the IF Function. Every time a variable changes, you can simply update your inputs, and the IF Function can spit out a new output.

The IF Function is dynamic. As the inputs change, so can the outputs.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the IF Function. If you missed the previous post that served as an introduction to this post, check it out here.

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