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How to Filter in Excel

Watch this Beginner Excel Tutorial to learn how to filter in Excel. Also learn a keyboard shortcut and watch an introduction to sorting and advanced filtering in excel.

Filter in Excel

Filtering and sorting through information in Excel is necessary for the everyday Excel user. Knowing how to filter in Excel can save you hours every week, especially when you have huge sets of data! Imagine trying to search through hundreds or thousands of rows of data for a few pieces of information. Doing it manually would be a waste of your time and energy, and would probably give you a headache! This Excel tutorial teaches you to quickly create filters in Excel along with some fundamental tips on how to quickly and easily sort through, organize, analyze, and search through your spreadsheet by using the Excel Filter function.

Learn to Filter in Excel and avoid getting bogged down by countless rows of data in Excel. Take your Excel filtering skills to the next level with this tutorial’s introduction to advanced filtering in Excel. In addition to learning how to filter in Excel, the advanced filter introduction will show you great time saving tricks! Knowing how to filter in Excel will also help you to quickly and easily find and analyze the specific information you’re looking for, which can be scattered across hundreds or thousands of rows. So watch my video below, and get ready to sort and filter!

Cool, right? With just a keyboard shortcut and a few clicks, you can now:

  • Filter in Excel
  • Sort in Excel
  • Create exclusions in your Excel filter
  • Search within your Excel filter
  • Filter based on conditions with your awesome advanced Excel filtering skills

And there you go! You now know how to filter in Excel. You can even sort and analyze the data that you’ve filtered. And best of all, you’ll be saving countless hours every week with these new skills! Now that you know how to filter in Excel, take your analytical skills to the next level and learn to SUM and AVERAGE in Excel.

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