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Excel SUM Function Tutorial & Two Excel SUM Tips!

This video is a free beginner Excel tutorial that teaches you about the SUM function in Excel. You’ll learn three ways to SUM in Excel: the classic way to SUM plus two Excel SUM tips and tricks! The video below will walk you through an Excel SUM Function example, step by step, and teach how to efficiently SUM in Excel!

Excel SUM Function Example

The SUM Function is a fundamental skill for any Excel user. The SUM Function in Excel adds numbers together. Rather than manually adding numbers together in Excel, number by number by number, you can utilize the Excel SUM Function to save you time and energy. This tutorial doesn’t stop there. My video below will also show you how to quickly copy your SUM Function formula across multiple columns or rows. It’s important to be able to SUM in Excel and also to quickly copy your SUM across multiple columns and rows to maximize your efficiency in Excel.

This tutorial shows you three ways to SUM in Excel. First, you’ll learn how to SUM in Excel by typing in the SUM formula. This tutorial also teaches you how to use the AutoSum Function in Excel, a tool that can help you save time and energy in Excel. Lastly, this tutorial teaches you how to eyeball your Sum in Excel without actually typing in a formula. The trick is knowing when to use which Sum in Excel. Having all three of these Excel Sum abilities at your disposal will prepare you to understand which Excel Sum to use to save the most time and energy in any Excel scenario. So watch my video, below, to learn three ways to SUM in Excel!

And those are three ways to SUM in Excel. Again, here are the three methods:

  1. Type in the SUM Function formula
  2. Highlight your numbers and click AutoSum
  3. Highlight your numbers and look at Excel’s Sum in the bottom right of your Excel screen (what I call the eyeball method)

I hope you enjoyed this Excel SUM Function example. Leave a comment below and let me know if the tips and tricks come in handy!

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