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Excel IF Function Tutorial

This video is a free intermediate Excel tutorial that introduces you to the Excel IF Function. You’ll learn to create the IF Function in Excel, and gain a core understanding of the Excel IF Function with the help of some simple IF Function definitions and basic examples to show you the logic of the IF Function.

The IF Function is one of the most fundamental and important functions in Excel. Learning the IF Function early on in your Excel education will be a huge help in developing your Excel skills. Learning the IF Function will also save you lots of time in your day-to-day. You can apply this function to virtually any scenario and save yourself time and energy.

The Excel IF Function, on its own, is already a very powerful function you can use to analyze your data and information, create formulas, and filter through data and information. In future videos, you will learn that Excel has functions that combine the IF Function with another function. So, again, learning the IF Function early on is a fundamental foundational Excel skill that you will build on as you sharpen your Excel expertise.

The Excel IF Function is also important for your Excel education because it gives you a lens into understanding the logic of Excel. Once you’ve got the IF Function down cold, you will begin to think differently about how you approach problems in Excel (and outside of Excel, too!). Watch my video, below, and practice along as you build your foundational Excel knowledge.

Your most important take-away should be the definition. Learning the logic of the MS Excel If Function is a foundational building block in building up your Excel skills. Here are my definitions again, plus more to help you understand the IF Function. Let it soak in:

“If something is true, then show me this. If it’s not true, then show me that.”

If something exists, then do this. If not, then do that.”

“If something is true, then this. Otherwise, that.”

And there you have it: the IF Function. A fundamental function to mastering Excel and learning how to make Excel do what you want it to do.

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