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Excel Graph with Columns

Excel Graph

This is an intermediate Excel tutorial video on how to graph in Excel using columns. An Excel Graph with Columns is a great way to visualize lots of information with an easy to understand graph. 

In the example in the tutorial, you’ll see how an Excel graph with columns can be used to analyze and visualize credit card spending with multiple credit cards across multiple spending categories. You’ll learn to create beautiful looking graphs, with colors, effects, and data label specifications that you choose! Not only that, you’ll learn to turn your graph on its side with just one click, literally!

We use two types of Excel Column Graphs to visualize our credit card spending:

  1. Clustered Column Graph
  2. Stacked Column Graph

Depending on how you’d like to visualize your data, you might choose one type of Excel Graph over the other. This tutorial also shows you how to change the colors of your Excel Graph in order to make it visually appealing based on your needs. For example, if you need this Excel Graph for a PowerPoint presentation, you can change the colors easily to match your presentation’s colors.

The Excel Clustered Column Graphs and Stacked Column Graphs are very powerful tools. In just seconds, you can create beautiful graphs that easily communicate large amounts of information.

Pretty cool, right? I love how Excel makes it so easy to switch the rows and columns!

Using an Excel graph with columns is great for making a presentation to your colleagues, your boss, your audience, or for your personal use (for example, in visualizing your taxes or credit card spending).

An Excel Graph can not only save you hours a week, but can help you gain recognition in your workplace for your analytical skills.

To learn how to create other types of Excel Graphs, check out this ExcelFundamentals tutorial on Excel Pie Charts and Line Graphs! Was this tutorial helpful? leave a comment below and let me know what you think!



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