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Excel Count Function

Excel Count Function

This video is an intermediate tutorial on the Excel Count Function. Let’s start with a definition of the Count Function, provided by Excel:

“Counts the number of cells in a range that contain numbers.”

Sounds simple… and it is! Once you develop a grasp of the Excel Count Function, you’ll realize that there is so much you can do with this function.

In our tutorial example, we analyze a group of salespeople and we use the Excel Count Function to find out how many days each salesperson had sales transactions. As we see in the definition of the Count Function in Excel, the Count Function only counts cells that contain numbers. As you’ll see in the tutorial example, if you are looking at a range of cells where some cells have words and some have numbers, Excel will only count the numbers for you. This is great! Imagine trying to manually count how many cells have numbers in them, when you have hundreds or thousands of cells to search through!

Needless to say, the Excel Count Function can save you hours a week! This tutorial also shows you a scenario where you can use the Excel Count Function and supplement your analysis with the Excel SUM Function.

At the end of the tutorial, you’ll also learn how to quickly eyeball the count without having to type in the Count Function, along with an explanation of when it’s appropriate. So watch my tutorial below, and start flexing your Excel Count Function muscles!

And there you have it! The Count Function is so simple, yet so powerful. I’m sure you’re already thinking of more advanced ways you can analyze your data (work related data, credit card spending, any data, really).

Now go celebrate with all the time you’ll be saving thanks to the Excel Count Function!

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