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Chart in Excel – Pie Chart and Line Graph

Chart in Excel

This is a free Intermediate Excel Tutorial that teaches you how to chart in Excel. There are two Excel charts that you will learn in this tutorial: a pie chart and a line graph. This is a fundamental Excel skill to have and can take you really far when it comes to presentations at work or at school. This will also be a great help in quickly communicating information to your boss or colleagues. And as you’ll see in my video below, creating charts in Excel is perfect for everyday needs like analyzing your personal expenses, finances, loans, and credit card spending.

In the Excel pie chart portion of the tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful looking Excel pie chart. And you’ll learn an easy trick to select different pieces of information you’d like to display on your pie chart.

In the Excel line graph portion, you will learn to chart information along two axes. In this example, you are graphing numbers over time. This example teaches you how to create your Excel line graph with dates and how to visualize the graph in a way that’s easy to understand.

This Chart in Excel Tutorial picks up from a previous ExcelFundamentals tutorial where we analyzed credit card spending. In this tutorial, you will use a pie chart to visually display the credit card spending across five spending categories. You will look at different ways to visualize this data: color coated, in percents, in numbers, and with names.

In my Chart in Excel Tutorial, you will then learn to graph out your credit card spending for any and all categories you choose over what ever time-period you would like to look at. Twelve months of credit card spending across five categories can look messy, so you’ll also learn an easy trick to clearly visualize this data. Practice along while you watch my Chart in Excel video below! 

You should now walk away having learned how to make beautiful looking charts in Excel. This is a great skill for putting together a quick report for your boss, colleague, or yourself, and is definitely great for making presentations!

Are you loving Excel Charts and Graphs? Check out this ExcelFundamentals Tutorial on how to create beautiful looking Column Graphs in just seconds! Did you apply your Excel Chart and Graph skills? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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